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I  am here to assist you  increase your sales and client retention by demonstrating the power of online marketing for small business.

If you are looking to increase your sales and client base then give me a call and we can have an off the cuff chat to see if we can help you with your marketing strategies.

I offer a 1 hour complimentary consultation session to help you understand what is and is not working with your online pizza-thumbmarketing. As part of this consultation you will receive a full analysis report with a suggested action plan to help you remediate any issues that are uncovered as part of this analysis.

For example, you may simply need to create a mobile friendly version of current website in order to benefit from the growing use of mobile phones and tablets.

Or you may need to create a loyalty program to encourage your existing client base to frequent your business more often and purchase more products while they are there.

Click on any of the Menu Items above to learn more about on-line and off-line marketing that can help you grow your business.

These are just a few examples of what you could do to help you grow your business, we can discuss other options during our no obligation complimentary consultation, just give me a call on 1300 577 971 to arrange a time

If you are the DYI sort of person then you may want to start by reading our free report on Google My Business, this is a free service offered by Google and designed to assist businesses, just like yours, attract clients based on local searches. It incorporates the old Google Places and Google+ (this is Google’s version of Facebook), along with access to additional features offered by Google. You can obtain our downloadable eBook by filling in the form on the right and yes it is free of charge.

Got questions? then either email me, fred@fredgillen.com or call me on 1300 577 971 and I’ll make every effort to assist you.

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