Google My Business Optimisation

Here are a few tips to optimise your Google My Business listing:

  • Again, make sure that you add all the necessary information required for your Google My Business listing. It is possible to start without having your profile 100% completed, but it is
    not recommended. You should always aim to complete your profile 100%
  • Pick a compelling profile picture or logo that is likely to get clicked. Ideally, the image should interesting and directly related
    to the type of business you specialise in.
  • When you upload your image make sure the file is named with your keyword in mind, e.g. “Keyword-1.-area-XYZ.jpg”
  • Add multiple images to your Google My Business listing. Once again, make sure to name each file with your target keywords in
  • Proper categorisation is critical to Local SEO success. It’s important to note that you should categorise your business for what it does.
  • For example, if you have an Italian restaurant specialising in food from Southern Italy, make sure you select the right categories — which would be “Southern Italian Restaurant”.
  • Google recommends selecting the fewest number of categories. Keep that in mind, but do not hesitate in selecting multiple categories if your business really falls into more than
    one business type.
  • Write down the exact format you have used to for your Business Name, Business Address and Business Phone Number. You’ll need this later, and it is VERY important you keep this information the consistent for the other steps in this e-book.
Google My Business Optimisation