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We Recommend the following service providers

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Why do we recommend these providers?
The main reason is because we use their services
and find both the products and support to be 1st rate.

Domains Name - Before you can have any type of exposure on the Internet you need a Domain Name and I have found that right now have some of the best pricing around and we currently use them to register new domains.

Web Hosting The next thing you need is a hosting account so you can store your website somewhere that everyone can access.

We use Hostgator, so If you are thinking of creating your own website or having someone else do it for you, then I would recommend that you use their "BABY" account, this will allow you to create as many websites as you want without any increase in cost and this will be very useful as you learn more about marketing on-line. When you visit the site,make sure you select WEB HOSTING and follow the prompts/links.

Auto Responders - In order to stay in contact with your clients or perspective clients then you need to send out regular communications, the easy way to do this is to automate it.

Aweber is one of the highly used providers of this kind of service and once again we use them to support our clients, there is a good chance that you have already received some of our mails via Aweber If you have a website or are in the process of creating one, then register for Aweber's basic plan, you can always upgrade later if needed.

gMail Accounts By registering a gMail account you will gain access to a heap of Google's services, I will be explaining how these can help you increase your ranking on Google's search engine in one of our videos soon, but in the meantime, register with gMail so you are ready to go when we send you the details.

You should also register for FACEBOOK TWITTER , these are used in our advanced marketing courses, so register now and get a feel for both.

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