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One of the biggest things my subscribers say they struggle with is knowing how to set things up.

They possibly don't know how to setup a squeeze page, how to setup a sales page, a download page, a one time offer, a WordPress site, or even they may not even understand how FTP programs work or HTML editors.

These are key areas that I found people getting online are struggling with on a daily basis.

So I thought I'd bring you a 'library' of techy IM stuff that you can refer to whenever you need it.

You might benefit from the whole 11 hours of training, or you might just be able to use a single module on say, setting up a squeeze page.

Either way, here's where you can rip down some of the barriers that might have stopped you making money online...

Click on the links below to get started (please allow 10-20 secs for the vids to load)

The IM Tech Training Course covers...

Module 1: The Basics (42:31 Running Time)

Demonstrates the basic tools needed to get started online including how to register a domain, how to setup hosting, and how to get an autoresponder account.

Module 2: WordPress From A to Z (70:29)

Takes you from not having a WordPress to having a clean looking site up and running and ready for profits. Includes training on plugins and how to install them, how to make videos work on WordPress, and more.

Module 3: Download Pages (70:59)

Extremely popular training reveals exactly how to setup download pages and thank you pages after customers buy into your programs. No one covers this topic online, but it is so important for people to know how to do this.

Module 4: Sales Pages (71:10)

(Module 4 Bonus)

Learn step-by-step how to setup a sales page using a FREE HTML editor. Includes training on how to grab payment buttons for Clickbank, Paypal, 2Checkout.com, and PayDotcom.com. You need to know how to accept payments, and this training lays it all out from start to finish.

Module 5: Squeeze Pages (90:19)

Start from scratch and setup a squeeze page so you can start building your list. Learn how to use Aweber. No stone is left unturned as you learn step-by-step how to build that list up.

Module 6: One Time Offer Setup (55:18)

Increase your profits by setting up one time offers. Learn the step-by-step approach to setup a proper one time offer to maximize the profits from your front end sales or list building efforts.

Module 7: Support Desk and JV Pages (73:27)

Having a support desk will increase your image online and help you look like a real business in your customers eyes. Learn all about setting up a free support desk system. This module will also go over how to setup a basic JV offer page so you can bring on JV partners to promote products for you.

Module 8: Video Creation (86:04)

Discover several different strategies you can use to create online videos to promote your products or to create your own products. Learn about the software needed to make it happen.

Module 9: Setup Membership Sites (59:08)

Follow along as you're shown a basic way to setup a membership site that almost anyone can setup. Learn how to make residual income with membership sites using this strategy.

Module 10: PLR Setup Process (88:54)

Follow along step-by-step as you learn how to take a basic PLR product and get it live and on the Internet and ready to accept payments.

Total Running Time 708 Minutes & 59 Seconds (Over 11 Hours of Training)



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