Local Marketing

There are a number of ways to increase your business but from my perspective I believe that there three simple things ,that you can work on right now, that will have an immediate favourable impact  on the income you are creating within your business.

Let me ask you a question, would a 10%+ increase in income make you happy?

Here I am going to explain exactly how you can achieve that will very little effort, it dose involve some staff training and a customer focused approach.

One way to get more income is to sell more, sounds obvious but you will be surprised how  few  business owners actually ask their customers if they want to buy more.

There is one simple question that adds an amazing amount to the bottom line of  of McDonalds and that is "Would you like fries with that", you could learn a lot from this example.

For example if you have a coffee shop you could invite your customers to upsize  and explain how inexpensive that would be. If the standard size coffee was say $3.00 and you upsized it (on special) for $0.50c that adds almost 17% to your income , even allowing for the extra ingredients used you are probable looking at 15%, not bad for just asking one simple question.