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Web, Mobile or Apps ?

If you are operating a small business then chances are you already have a website. When you think about it, why did you create a website.....

I expect it was because most pro-active businesses like your were all creating websites and you didn’t want to be left behind.

The reason behind this was ultimately to attract more business and to demonstrate that you were up with the latest technology.

Well times they are a changing, right now most of the searches on the Internet are from users with mobile devices, smart phones & tablets.

What this means is that if your website is not optimised for these devices then you are certainly missing out on a ton of business.

If your website is not easy to view on a mobile device then the viewer will find one that is and guess what... that will belong to your competitor.

So if you website is not optimised for mobile devices talk to your web guy and make it happen. But there’s more, you also need to think about using mobile APPs to build loyalty programs and keep you customers engaged so that they think you are really cool and up with the latest gadgets.

APPs are small Applications that sit on the mobile device and allow you to stay in direct contact with your clients at the push of a button, for example if you managed a restaurant and you were having a slow night then you could simply send a special offer to any of your clients with your APP, provided they arrived within a certain time and show you the offer on their phone or iPad, they get the special.

There are a lot more ways to use this form of technology to build your business.

If you would like to find out more about Web, Mobile or Apps then I would like to offer you a 30min complimentary consultation, no obligation, no strings attached.

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