4 Day Live Training

(1hr Each Day)​

Starts Monday 8th November, 8:00pm AEST

Our course is being compiled and will be recorded over 4 x 1 hour LIVE sessions,

As a Pre-Enrollee you have the opportunity to pre-enrol for just $97.00 and save on the normal course price of  $197.00 (save $100.00)

Be part of the LIVE trainings, learn how to create your own BOT & messenger marketing campaigns, have your questions answered in real time during the session.

And have you business promoted within the recordings for future enrolees to see.

This is a limited time offer and will be removed as soon as the course starts.

Enroll for just $97.00

Save $100

What's inside


What You’ll Learn

Module #1 - What is a BOT and how can you use it.
Module #2 - What you need to create your own BOT.
Module #3 - Which Platform
Module #4 - Creating Your ManyChat Account & Connecting Your Fan Page.
Module #5 - Creating Your Marketing Plan
Module #6 - ManyChat Bot Settings
Module #7 - Automation With Flows
Module #8 - Automation Sequences & Tags
Module #9 - Automation Rules
Module #10 - Main Menu & Default Reply
Module #11 - Welcome Message
Module #12 - Growth Tools Widget Top Bar
Module #13 - Growth Tools - Widgets Slide-In
Module #14 - Growth Tools - Widgets Modal & Page Take Over
Module #15 - Growth Tools - Widgets Buttons
Module #16 - Growth Tools - Widgets Box
Module #17 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Landing Page
Module #18 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Messenger Ref URL
Module #19 - Growth Tools - Facebook Comments
Module #20 - Adding Email Addresses To Your Autoresponder

Some of the benefits of chatbots

  1. 24-hour availability: 
  2. Instant answers: provided instantly.
  3. Consistent answers: 
  4. Recorded answers: 
  5. Instant transactions
  6. Programmability: 
  7. Personalization: 
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