Mobile Marketing Explained

Here I'll explain why you need to look at creating a Mobile optimised version of your website

Mobile marketing is a powerful way to increase sales and market to customers.

It differs from other marketing initiatives in a few key ways.

The main difference is that mobile customers are “on the go” and often using their mobile device while actively researching or planning a purchase.

For example, they may be using their smartphone to find a store nearby that carries a particular brand of shoe.

Or they may be thinking about visiting your store and want to find out if you have any special deals or offers.

In situations like these, mobile marketing and a mobile-optimised website will help your customers find you and get the information they need while they are on the go.

Because the vast majority of customer now carry a mobile phone at all times, mobile marketing is also instant and very personal.

For example, a mobile-optimised email program allows you to send a message directly to your customers’ device and mobile marketing offers the chance to send instant deals and specials to “always-connected” customers.

Mobile Marketing can also leverage traditional forms of marketing. As an example, when designing outdoor ads or posters, you can generate a QR code for your promotional materials to allow mobile customers to instantly get more information on their mobile device.

Mobile Marketing also differs from other forms of digital marketing because devices are smaller and often have less internet bandwidths than desktop computers.

A key part of mobile marketing is optimising your website for smaller screens and ensuring your text, graphic and video content work on devices with lower bandwidth.

As the number of internet-connected mobile customers grows, mobile marketing and mobile advertising will become even more important for small businesses.

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