Who’s Eben Pagan, Creator of Virtual CEO Lifestyle

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has created successful courses in a variety of niches, and he teaches business management, growth, and personal development skills to entrepreneurs.

He established this page to provide you with the same methods he would always nurture only ten individual information product brands inside the home that has generated more than $100 million dollars in sales.

His family name is Eben Pagan. He created this post to provide you with the same thing / options he used to enlarge sixty distinctive tips product brands in their own home that have generated more than $100 million dollars in number of sales from a number of niches like dating, management, personal growth, personal development and entrepreneurs skills

He’ll take you behind the scenes in his business to reveal to you how much achieving success you can selling Information Solutions, Advice and Coaching online – pretty much all from operating from home on your laptop.

He’ll also make known some fascinating advancements with statistics about the industry on top of walk you by using the process of creating a remarkably valuable product to sell and then how to make sure your marketing manufactures it. The picture here is to give you a series of tools and templates and then walk you through how to use them to build or overhaul your information marketing or coaching business.

He started his enterprise working from his personal computer in his bedroom fourteen years ago, all of it done online and all of it done operating from home…without any computer degrees or college degrees.

He was unemployed, and started with just one ebook on dating advice that he wrote in fourteen days. Right now he has 10 successful brands that generate more than 1 million in revenue every. So what’s his secret? Personally I think it’s pretty ordinary.

He creates super, high quality info products and training, stuff that people find out quite valuable. And you can too…by identifying niche opportunities where there’s a big desire and then creating information products people want to buy.

That’s what this page provides: helping you take some advantage of a company that generates over $400 billion a year in throughout the world sales and commissions. We hope it interests you it!

Virtual CEO Lifestyle is a brand new program on how to create a truly virtual lifestyle. It will include outsourcing, hiring A player, structuring your business correctly and much more stuff you can learn not only from the training, but also from the 3-day live event.

Past Products
Throughout the years he has  launched a number of products, these include…

  • Starting a business
    • Action coaching club
    • Building a virtual business
    • How to be an entrepreneur
    • How to build a profitable business
    • Ignition
    • Niche intelligence
  • Growing a business
    • Accelerate business training
    • Altitude home study
    • Business growth mentors
    • Inner circle
    • Online relationship marketing
    • Copywriting blueprints
  • Marketing
    • Internet marketing 101
    • Marketing step by step
    • Modern marketing mastery
    • Print persuasion
    • Marketing master plan
  • Building a guru business
    • How to create an info-product
    • GURU blueprints
    • GURU bootcamp
    • GURU home study course
    • GURU master class
    • GURU product plan
    • GURU product blueprint
    • GURU traffic intensive
  • Money and wealth
    • Money making blueprint
    • Money psychology
    • Self-made wealth
  • Successful living
    • Clear communication
    • Connected
    • Double your dating
    • Master your time
    • The power of persuasion
    • Seed of your success
    • How to be creative and innovative
    • Wake up productive

And now in 2016, the Virtual CEO Lifestyle program.

Stay tuned for more updates including everything inside the program and bonuses you get along with his pre-training before the big day.

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Virtual CEO Lifestyle Program

The program Virtual CEO lifestyle will be covering the most advance up to date information in starting and building a virtual business – and living what is called the Virtual CEO Lifestyle, and for this, you need to build a team… But not any team, this team needs to be A players that are at the top of their game.

One of the most important things a new business can do is to build a top-notch business team.

Successful business people need to surround themselves with the best people they can. It is very important for businesses to build a top-notch business team to create success.

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle Program

Program includes a 3-day live event called “The Virtual CEO Summit” – along with the course.

New members will also get access to what he calls the “Platinum Passport” – which is access to our entire catalog of video and audio training courses, that are valued at $100k.

To see the entire product catalog available, read our other post about it here.


This will be the most advanced and up to date product that teaches you starting and building a virtual business – and living what is called the Virtual CEO Lifestyle.

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