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Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business Optimisation Here are a few tips to optimise your Google My Business listing: Again, make sure that you add all the necessary information required for your Google My Business listing. It is possible to start without having

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For Video, Intent and Repeat Viewership Matter

December 18, 2017 source: Today, we’re making an update to News Feed ranking that will help surface videos people are proactively seeking out and coming back to on Facebook. This change takes two factors into account: Intent matters. With

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Source: December 18, 2017 News Feed FYI: Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook By Henry Silverman, Operations Integrity Specialist and Lin Huang, Engineer People have told us that they dislike spammy posts on Facebook that goad them into interacting with

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Free Business Website From Google

Google Are Now Offering Free Websites For Local Businesses Yep…. That’s right….Google officially released their very own single page website builder which has been designed with local businesses in mind. They are focusing in on making it easy for small

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Who’s Eben Pagan, Creator of Virtual CEO Lifestyle

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has created successful courses in a variety of niches, and he teaches business management, growth, and personal development skills to entrepreneurs. He established this page to provide you with the same methods

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List Building

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Your Foundational Footprint

So what is this Foundational Footprint? This is the footprint that the major search engines see when they crawl the internet for any reference to your business based on your address and phone number. If you are a “local” business owner

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Rich Dad – Poor Dad

Which quadrant are you in

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2 tweaks to increase profits in any small business

In this post I hope to explain 2 small things you can take action on straight away that will help you increase you profit margin and grow your business. By adding the results of these 3 minor changes over the next

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