4 Day Live Training

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Starts Monday 27th July, 8:00pm AEST


Our course is being compiled and will be recorded over 4 x 1 hour LIVE sessions,

As a Pre-Enrollee you have the opportunity to pre-enroll and save on the normal course price of  $197.00.

Be part of the LIVE trainings, learn how to create your own BOT, have your questions answered in real time during the session.

And have you business promoted within the recordings for non pre-enrollees to see.


This is a limited time offer and will be removed as soon as the course starts.


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What's inside


What You’ll Learn

Module #1 - What is a BOT and how can you use it.
Module #2 - What you need to create your own BOT.
Module #3 - Which Platform
Module #4 - Creating Your ManyChat Account & Connecting Your Fan Page.
Module #5 - Creating Your Marketing Plan
Module #6 - ManyChat Bot Settings
Module #7 - Automation With Flows
Module #8 - Automation Sequences & Tags
Module #9 - Automation Rules
Module #10 - Main Menu & Default Reply
Module #11 - Welcome Message
Module #12 - Growth Tools Widget Top Bar
Module #13 - Growth Tools - Widgets Slide-In
Module #14 - Growth Tools - Widgets Modal & Page Take Over
Module #15 - Growth Tools - Widgets Buttons
Module #16 - Growth Tools - Widgets Box
Module #17 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Landing Page
Module #18 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Messenger Ref URL
Module #19 - Growth Tools - Customer Chat
Module #20 - Growth Tools - Facebook Comments
Module #21 - Facebook Messenger Code
Module #22 - Growth Tools - Facebook Ads Json
Module #23 - Broadcasting To Your ManyChat List
Module #24 - Adding Email Addressed To Your Autoresponder

Some of the benefits of chatbots

  1. 24-hour availability: 
  2. Instant answers: provided instantly.
  3. Consistent answers: 
  4. Recorded answers: 
  5. Instant transactions
  6. Programmability: 
  7. Personalization: 

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