How To Post to Google MyBusiness


Ok, so this video is all about, , one of the new features that Google are offering Local Businesses, to help them attract more clients and obviously spread the word about their business and it's a new feature of allowing you to post content to your google MyBusiness listing.
So the first thing I'm going to do here is I'm actually going to type in the name of our business and eh, see what crops up. So let's have a look at that.
So nitty gritty business and we'll just select that
Fred Gillen
So here you can see that we've got a lot of listening stand this side. But what stands out to me is the graphic over here on the right hand side and you can see that it's got the business has got the normal stuff standing here and it's got the name and it gives the hours.
Fred Gillen
It's got an appointment option here. So it's got a lot of detail here. But what I'm going to show you now is what Google are now offering to help you boost this area here and attract more clients because of the visual effect you're going to get from it.
Fred Gillen
So, let's have a look at that. And the first thing you need to do is you obviously have to have your listing enabled and you have to have a google my business account. So I'm assuming that you've actually got that in place. So let's move forward. So what I'm going to do now is we're actually going to go to google my business.
Fred Gillen
So I've actually log in and you can see here that, we've just got to go to the homepage. He likes to say it's. So we've got nitty gritty business here and we've got lots of stuff happening. But this new feature over here, you can see it's got a new feature and it's post. So let's click on that. So we click on that and it as it's so some you to type in a post for.
Fred Gillen
The first thing I want to do is I want to get a graphic. Now, in order to add a graphic to this post, you just click on the little, um, camera type icon here and click on that and you can obviously add in a graphic here. So let's click on that again and we can upload or selected a graphic to drop in here.
I've got one already and I'm going to grab it from the other screen and just drop it in here, just uploading that now and that's it, so it'll actually go in there, actually added to that.
Now this is the graphic we're going to do.
So what I've got to do now is add some verbiage or um, you know, texts to actually go along with this. So it gives you the option of a hundred to 300 words. So we select in day.
Now again, I've already got that pre-written, so I'm just gonna cut and that in since I grabbed that, let me just.
Fred Gillen
and I'm going to put the phone number in.
So we've got that in there and we can make this an event, but it's not. So we have the option, they're making an event or we can add a button, so I'm going to add the button and we've got to learn more and learn more will take you to a web page that gives you more information. So in this case it's going to be,
Fred Gillen
so we'll just go to our website and order page which will allow people to get their free all on audit. So that's pretty will it and we just select, we can eat a preview that. So at first that's what it's going to look like and we're going to publish that.
So that's now published. So now if I go back, this will take a couple of minutes to actually propagate through the Internet, but if I go back to our previous listing and we can see it here and I'm just going to do a refresh on that page and hopefully it will actually have populated through the Internet.
There we go.
Fred Gillen
So that's it, that's really what posting on Google MyBusiness is all about.
So now we've got a lot more information here that will grab the users and visitors attention, and hopefully get them to respond to your business.
You can put anything you like in here, whether it's an offer or an invitation to an event and you can add multiples and what happens is it works like a slide show, so you'll see a little arrow here and it'll move to the next one and the next one.
Now we haven't actually come up with the numbers of how many you can put in, but, over the next week or so I'll be actually testing that and give you an update.
Fred Gillen
So you've got any queries and all my details are here, just a singing out and ask for help and I'll oblige , take care.
Have a great day.